Showings for this year have included: Dolby Screening Room (Access Clinic Fundraiser), the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California, University of California at Berkeley, the Oregon Psychoanalytic Center and Reed College. Attendance for the events ranged from 12 to 77 people and all had some special moments. At the PINC showing, for instance, a hand went up in the back and an audience member announced that he was a patient in analysis and completely understood how “The Eskimo” portrayed an necessary important element of loss in analytic work. He went on to explain that he gets up and writes a poem a day, has taken up painting with equal regularity and is starting to learn about sculpture. We all were fairly blown away by this person and his admirable use of analytic work. I’m not sure if any of us either had patients like this or were ourselves patients with such resolve. But this was one of many memorable moments where I felt such an honor to share these films with so many of the people who came to see them.

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Across Culture and Countries

A special thank you to Andres Berrios who was kind enough (voluntarily) to translate the film “On Being a Patient” into Spanish for our viewers. Andres also helped with the Spanish translation of The Safe and The Eskimo. Please contact us for these translations.

If you haven’t had a chance to see “On Being a Patient,” it is on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQRWRPpbjBs&t=25s and has already surpassed 12K views. Thank you everyone for the supportive and thoughtful comments!

Also, although fairly old news now but still worth mentioning. The Presenting Problems collection is for the first time being translated into Greek and will be used in classes at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki.  It is with great excitement that we are able to announce the release of the films for non-English speaking audiences. Please inquire for other translations that can be made available.



California Film Awards

New York Times contributor David Steritt has a wonderful review of Presenting Problems in the Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association 59 (6). Also, “The Grudge” won a prize at the California Film Festival Award as the collection is slowly and surely being introduced to new audiences across the globe and, hopefully, the springboard for many new discussions. So feel free to let us know your reflections on the films and what you might like in the future, now that the movies have been used across a wide range of disciplines—psychology, philosophy, creative arts, media studies and the humanities. It’s always a pleasure to hear from folks everywhere!

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Here is a link to a brief article on the films and their debt to the software program Studio Artist and the wonderful crew there that have been such a great help. Thanks John and everyone else at SA, very happy to be using your wonderful program that can open up so many doors for creative expression.