Garrick Duckler is currently a psychotherapist in the Bay Area and a third-year candidate at the San Francisco Psychoanalytic Center. Before training in the mental health field, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in English Literature and Language and later taught at Reed College in Portland, Oregon.  Since then he has graduated from the Wright Institute and the Psychotherapy Institute in Berkeley and worked at the McAuley Institute, the adolescent psychiatric ward at St. Mary’s hospital. He is presently in private practice where he sees adults, kids and adolescents.

Currently, Duckler is working on the second and third volume of films entitled “On Couples, Groups (and other ways of being alone)” and “Mood Orders and Disorders.”  Duckler is a self-taught filmmaker, visual artist, creative writer, photographer and voice actor. The award-winning films have appeared in film festivals across the US and Canada, and have been used for clinical discussion groups as well as academic classes in psychology, art and philosophy. If you are interested in using the films in a class or discussion group, please do not hesitate to reach out at 


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